Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chick's Picks!

Yes, it has been waaaaaaayyyyyyy too long since I've blogged here.  We all have busy lives, so I will not dish out excuses.  I'm just happy to be back.  How about you?

Recently, I've been creating mixed-media collage on mini canvases, propped up on easels.  I absolutely love doing these small pieces of art, which make unique decorations on top of books, mantels, or in bare, lonely corners.  They will be featured next week at Chick's Picks!  A must see show of local designers and artists....and always a fabulous time and place for bringing women together to shop, socialize, and support other women in their creative endeavors.  Did I mention that each Chick's Picks show supports a good cause, too?  This month the show is collecting...bras...well, just follow the link to find out more:

You don't want to miss the show! 


P.S. Many of Chick's Picks products have been featured in the following: