Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When Art Takes A Backseat To Life

Some days are a bust.  Take this afternoon for instance, I washed clothes, bathed the dog, dreamed of writing and creating art, served snacks, took care of "kid-related" drama, cooked dinner, only to leave my trashcan wide open while I was cooking.  I thought I had accomplished a lot...enough to leave a little time open for me.  But the trashcan apparently whispered sweet temptations to my dog, so Little Ruby pawed her way through the remnants and cleaned a raw chicken package, among other items.  I had to then scrub raw chicken juice off the floor, give Ruby another bath, then finish cooking dinner.  Ruby was obviously not deterred.  After a somewhat peaceful dinner of correcting manners (stop chewing with your mouth open, don't smack, use your napkin...I'm not always this nagging), the doorbell rang and I left the last dish and glass of milk on the table.  When I returned, Ruby was on top of the dinning room table drinking milk and licking the last remains of barbecue chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn off my son's plate.

Now there's homework to finish, bath time, stories to read, snack, and then bed.  So I'll dream of writing and mixed-media in my dreams tonight...maybe I'll even compose a song.  I'm sure my dreams will be wild and imaginative.  Then I'll wake up tomorrow...and we'll see.