Friday, December 23, 2011

Mixed-Media Holiday Project

It's been a while since I've posted, and mainly because I was completely thrown off by the fact that I fell and broke my leg.  The house was turned upside down and my hubby and kids scrambled to take care of the caretaker.  I was in such shock that healing became a priority.  Thank the Lord for my mom, mother-in-law, and husband for their constant care.  Now, finally, I can say I am walking again...well, maybe it's a hobble, but I'm getting there.

In the midst of it all, however, I did find a little time for writing and creating a few pieces of art for a small showing at The Rich Hippie in Leesburg, VA, where I sold a few pieces.  I have included one of them here for you to see.  The pig ended up in a beautiful, white frame, which suited her best because she is quite the royal pig.

Another project I worked on with the help and dedication of my family was decorating the house for Christmas.  To me, decorating for Christmas is mixed media art at its finest.  Here is a collage of the end result:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!  May you be filled with peace, warmth, and joy.  And may 2012 be a good year for you!

Mary Rand Hess